Who We Are

We are a community church with a significant number of worshipers attending from outside of the parish. We belong to Churches Together in Stroud and enjoy a cooperative relationship with Rodborough Parish Church, sharing occasional services, lunches and social events.

The church rooms are widely used by community groups during the week, including a playgroup, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, a local choir, a special needs dance group, scrabble club and a drama study organisation.  All in addition to our own choir, Wednesday Fellowship and Monday Lunch Club.

Our minister the Reverend Eric Massey joined us in February 2011.

Eric has previously served for 13years as a Chaplain in adult mental services.

Among his many strengths, he says, is a love of people and particularly those who are caught up in life's struggle, he feels a strong call that he can uplift and encourage them.

The church is situated along a fairly quiet road about a mile from Stroud, and has two chapels, the smaller 'Little Chapel' having been converted from a coach house and stables in the 1920s. The main church building has two sizeable community rooms adjoining the church itself, with a number of smaller rooms. The Little Chapel has a significant Arts & Crafts interior which is of much interest and attracts visitors from home and abroad.

Although the church is close to a large housing estate and only two-thirds of a mile from the main road, its secluded position means it is out of the public eye and one of its great attributes is its peaceful, rural location.

Members of our congregation have formed two teams of 'Open The Book' volunteer storytellers who go into one of the local primary schools to present Bible stories using drama, mime, props, costume - even the children and staff themselves - in ways that are lively, engaging, informative ... and great fun for everyone involved!

Monday Lunch club takes place monthly and involves a short talk or slide show a simple prayer and hymn followed by lunch. The older people who attend come from a wide area and are not necessarily churchgoers.

Wednesday Fellowship meetings take place monthly and provide an opportunity for people to meet up for talks, meals and other social activities.

Some of our members enjoying our Christmas Fair
Some of our members enjoying our Christmas Fair