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Tab Bible Study Session Friday 27th March

The joy of modern technology has entered my world. The wrestling with it, to understand it and to use it effectively will all become apparent in the next few days and weeks. It may be that nothing will happen at all, based on my technology rating which is only marginally lower than my credit rating. My grandchildren, who are all incredibly bright, have discovered that I am technically challenged. When a four year old looks at you quizzically you know you have to do something.

Today, I am studying the bible as part of our bible study which for its first meeting had a minimal but thoughtful group and the challenge set for the first week was what is the scripture that sets you on fire, what is there that stirs your passions. For Glenis it was grasping what Micah had to say, the use of verbs which imply action in our faith. Shut in though we are we can begin to work out what this means for each of us. Having begun the bible study with Luke and the road to Emmaus story, you may want to take a look and see how disconsolate disciples were fired up by the guest they didn’t recognise. This week we are going to enter into the idea of glory, not the glory of winning although in the battle with the virus that is desirable, but the glory that surrounds us. December 24th was always a time of expectation in our house but in 1968 I was in Singapore, a young married man awaiting the summer time of 1969 when my wife, then training as a nurse, would arrive to join me. For several astronauts they were circling the moon and seeing the earth from space were captivated by its beauty. I mention technology because you can see “Earthrise” at https// You might also see something of glory if you spend a few minutes in quietness, with a flower in a simple container. Use the quiet time to think about your own encounters with glory, it may be captured in your partner’s eyes when you heard the words “I love you”, or in a beautiful place. Read with a fresh look Genesis 1v1-2v4 share your thoughts and questions about creation, wonder, glory. Then give thanks for technology and share them with me.


Tab Coronavirus Update #3, 19th March 2020

Information about the progress of the Coronavirus epidemic is easily available through the BBC and other news channels. Do not rely on hearsay on social media for your information. We have not seen any change in the guidance for self-isolation today or yesterday. Please pray today for Josie Fry and her family and friends. John’s funeral was held today and despite the pressure to stay away many people turned out. The rest of us hope to have the opportunity to celebrate John’s life at a time in the near future. Please also pray for everyone else who is being badly affected by the epidemic. Yesterday the Prime Minister announced the closure of schools and nurseries, except for children of key workers. Rodborough Playgroup is now closed until further notice. This means that no events of any sort will now be taking place at the Tab. Recent reports have said that some people have been having problem in getting delivery slots for online shopping and this is compounding problems of empty shelves in supermarkets. If you are having problems getting food or other essentials, please contact Richard Davis (number below) and we will try to help. Similarly, if you are willing to collect shopping for those who are housebound and cannot get the essentials, let Richard know. The Moderator of our Synod, Steve Faber has written to churches highlighting the pressures on church finances; please maintain your giving if you can, although we recognise that some may not be able to do this. In Update #2 we said that we would say more about new worship resources. Today is the turn of podcasts. Imagine a podcast as a radio programme that can be downloaded over the internet and can be listened to at leisure. If you have a tablet or a smartphone you can download an “app” to capture and play podcasts. If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, you can view podcasts directly through your internet browser. Try typing “podcast BBC coronavirus” into your browser and see what you get. As the URC release information about available podcasts we will let you know,

If you have any questions, or need any help, contact any Elder or the minister. Their numbers are listed below. Contact numbers: Rev Eric Massey 01594 541006 John Cook 01453 766732 Di and Richard Davis 01453 762373 Mary Evans 01453 756330 Andrea Frusher 01453 828438 Clive Malcolm 01453 873373 Carole & Brian Oosthuysen 01453 872446 Jenny Wills 01453 763984

The church is closed for physical services and meetings. Get advice on the virus from If you show symptoms contact NHS Direct on 111.

Tab Coronavirus Update #2, 17th March 2020

We hope that you are keeping well and that you have no immediate concerns about Coronavirus affecting your health.

This afternoon’s press conference by the Prime Minister acknowledged the huge challenge the country is facing. It introduced new economic measures that will help businesses and people in employment but did not include any new measures affecting churches or groups with health vulnerability. We note that all routine operations will be cancelled from mid-April, and our thoughts are for those who will be affected by this.

Since yesterday’s update, the URC has announced that it will be publishing new worship resources later this week, along with “a comprehensive list of churches offering live streamed services, sermons as podcasts, recorded services on YouTube, audio files of services and sermons and other resources”.

You may know that the URC already has a “Daily Devotion” service. You can access this by following this link and following the directions. The individual devotions are quite short but can be very stimulating.

Over the next few days, we will be explaining how the new worship resources can be accessed.

Remember, if you have any questions or need any help, contact any Elder or Eric. Their numbers are listed below.

 Contact numbers:

Rev Eric Massey                      01594 541006

John Cook                               01453 766732

Di and Richard Davis               01453 672373

Mary Evans                             01453 756330

Andrea Frusher                       01453 828438

Clive Malcolm                          01453 873373

Carole and Brian Oosthuysen  01453 872446

Jenny Wills                              01453 763984


The church is closed for physical services and church meetings.

Get advice on the virus from

If you show symptoms contact NHS Direct on 111.


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